Lower Downtown

LoDo is bordered by Park Ave/Platte Street to the North, Lawrence Street to the South, S Platte River Drive/20th Street to the East, and Speer Boulevard to the West.

The historic lofts, charming townhomes, and elegant high rises of LoDo offer an idyllic Parisian lifestyle where the urbane and sophisticated dine en Plein air at charming area bistros and relish the option to walk, bike, or ride the bus or Light Rail in lieu of driving.

In pedestrian-friendly LoDo and the adjacent Platte Valley Greenway, adopting a car-free lifestyle is easy and likely to improve health, increase peace of mind, and help protect the environment. Enjoy the colorful pageantry that only LoDo can offer. You’ll never lack for stimulating things to do and see.

After a protracted period of decline that began with the Silver Crash of 1893 and lasted nearly a century, a revitalized LoDo offers a 21st-century version of the glittering Silver Boom era, when bustling Larimer Street was justifiably called “the grandest thoroughfare between Chicago and San Francisco” and favorably compared with New York’s Broadway for “enterprise, stability, and rush.”

In those heady days, one might well cross paths with the likes of Buffalo Bill Cody, Bat Masterson, Calamity Jane, Soapy Smith, and other frontier icons out and about on the dusty streets. Indeed, Larimer Street epitomized the classic “Old West” as portrayed by Hollywood: teeming with cattle barons, Indians, gunfighters, wagon trains, salon keepers, madams, miscreants, and gold miners.